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Whispers of Secret Alleyways

Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Yemin Moshe and the Old City

A tour of Jerusalem's alleyways and the treasures they contain, through stories about people and events that took place over the years.  We'll walk through the Mishkenot Sha'ananim and Yemin Moshe neighborhoods, of the exit from the walled city and the beginnings of the new Jerusalem.  We'll walk over the cobblestones of the Jewish Quarter and visit sites only recently opened to the general public, all the while taking in the magnificent scenery and the clear Jerusalem air.

Among the sites we will visit

Moses Montefiore’s Windmill

Moses Montefiore’s Windmill

Built by Moses Montefiore in 1858 with the goal of providing flour as well as a source of income to the city’s Jewish residents, today it is a tourist site with a small museum.

Yemin Moshe

Yemin Moshe

Built in 1891 as part of the process of Jews moving out from within the Old City walls, the neighborhood is adjacent to Mishkenot Sha’ananim. This neighborhood was also built by Moshe Montefiore, and named for him. The neighborhood’s character has changed over the years, usually as a result of events in the area and of Israel’s wars. In 1967, following Jerusalem’s reunification, Yemin Moshe was again characterized as an artists’ village and has kept this character until today. Yemin Moshe is filled with beautiful gardens and unique stone houses, many artists’ galleries, a music center, and guest house.
Mamilla-Alrov Boulevard

Mamilla-Alrov Boulevard

This modern boulevard is lined with stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. This street tells the fascinating story of the Mamilla neighborhood that was originally built by Arabs and Jews at the end of the 19th century. The border that was created as an armistice line between Israel and Jordan following the 1948 War of Independence left the neighborhood as a no-man’s land and it stood almost desolate until the 1970s after the city was reunified. Besides store and hotels, there is a small building on the boulevard where Herzl stayed during his visit to Jerusalem in 1898.
Overlook to Jaffa Gate

Overlook to Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate was the starting point for the main road to the city of Jaffa on the Mediterranean shore, and eventually became the main entrance gate to Jerusalem’s Old City as the new part of the city developed around it. From the overlook, one has a beautiful view of the new city’s first neighborhoods sprinkled with stone buildings and historic sites.

Promenade Along the Old City Walls

The walls circling Jerusalem’s Old City were built 500 years ago by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The wall was built as a protective fortress for the Sultan’s soldiers and was used by Ottoman, British, and Jordanian soldiers in turn. It is open to visitors and offers breathtaking views from several unique vantage points onto the Old City and to the vistas beyond.
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