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Two Halves Make a Whole

A Tour of Jerusalem's Pre-Six Day War Landscapes

Love the Jerusalem landscape?  Join a beautiful, emotional tour of the border etched out with declaration of the State of Israel, after the Old City's fall to Jordan's Arab Legion and concrete walls divided Jerusalem, Israel's capital city.  Along the way, we'll learn about life in the divided city and the city's reunification by the Israel Defense Forces in the Six-Day War.  The tour is immersed in Jerusalem's unique landscape, including stunning vantage-points and bird's-eye views.  Recommended for lovers of walking, nature and scenery.

* Comfortable walking shoes, hat and a bottle of water are recommended

Among the sites we will visit

Armon Hanetziv Overlook – The Sherover Promenade

Armon Hanetziv Overlook – The Sherover Promenade

This promenade has a spectacular view of the Old City, the Mt. of Olives and Mt. Scopus. There are those who surmise that Avraham Avinu first viewed Mt. Moriah from this point on his way to bind his son Isaac. Beneath the promenade is the Peace Forest that connects East and West Jerusalem. From here, one can enjoy a beautiful view of ancient Jerusalem and the desert landscape to the east.
The Givat Hananiya – Abu-Tor Neighborhood

The Givat Hananiya – Abu-Tor Neighborhood

This was where the city line was drawn, the border that cut Jerusalem in two between the years 1948-1967. IDF positions were situated along this line on the Israeli side, opposite Jordanian army positions on the Jordanian side. Jews who wanted to see the Old City would come to Shoshana’s kiosk in this neighborhood, from which one could get a glimpse of that area.
The Cable Car Museum

The Cable Car Museum

The museum was established on the remains of the cable car that was built as part of the fighting and defense system on Mt. Zion during the War of Independence. It brought bandages and medications from St. John’s Hospital to Mt. Zion. In the museum one can see the cable car’s operating system and one of the original cars, as well as photos and documents connected to the cable car’s operation, and information about its construction by Uriel Hefetz.
Mt. Zion

Mt. Zion

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