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The Path of Heroes

Ammunition Hill and the Old City

A fascinating tour from Ammunition Hill to the heart of the Old City, filled with stories of heroism in defense of the homeland.  On life under the British Mandate and the difficulty of depending on a “foreign police” for protection, of the courage and heroism of Old City residents during the War of Independence, on the bloody battle for Ammunition Hill that opened the way for the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War.  Tour includes a visit to the Ammunition Hill National Memorial and Museum and the multimedia presentation describing the battle that took place there.


Among the sites we will visit

Ammunition Hill

The battle that took place on Ammunition Hill between IDF reserve paratroopers and the Jordanian Legion was one of the most difficult and famous battles in Israel’s military history. On the site are the trenches used by the Jordanians; visitors can walk through them in the footsteps of the soldiers during that battle. There is also a special audiovisual presentation that depicts the battle for Jerusalem during the Six-Day War.
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Tour Duration

4 hours

Start Point

Ammunition Hill

End Point

The Western Wall

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