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Behind the Scenes of The Western Wall

As a result of development and preservation work carried out within the last few years in the Kotel area, amazing and valuable discoveries have been made in the form of rare artifacts and underground complexes. These extraordinary findings, which have only recently been made available to the public, shed light on the special connection between the Jewish people and their capital city, Jerusalem. Participants in the Behind the Scenes tour will be able to see them first hand.
This tour is also unique in that it enables our guests to visit complexes from different time periods starting from the days of the First Temple to now. It includes a descent down under the level of the Western Wall and access to other underground areas that were discovered beneath the classic Kotel tunnels (this is a different path from the usual tunnels tour).


Among the sites we will visit

The Liba ("core") Complex

The Liba ("core") Complex

An area discovered beneath the rear section of the Western Wall plaza. 3,000 year old artifacts found there include rare seals, remains of an ancient market and more.

Subterranean Areas

Subterranean Areas

Beautiful rooms from the days of the Temple were discovered under the classic Kotel tunnels. Some believe these were used by the Sanhedrin (Jewish court system). The rooms are unique and fascinating finds

The Great Bridge

The Great Bridge

A bridge built of stone arches connecting the upper city and the Temple Mount. An aqueduct ran along this bridge carrying water from Solomon's Pools to the Temple.

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80 minutes

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The Western Wall

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The Western Wall

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