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A Psalms minyan takes place at the Rabbi Getz Synagogue, opposite the Holy of Holies, every Sunday to Thursday.

If you want to pray at the Western Wall, but are not able to come in person, we’re here to help.

Write the names of your loved ones below, and we’ll make sure a prayer  is said on their behalf, in front of the holy stones.
All prayers are kept confidential. Privacy is respected at all times.

This initiative was generously donated by the Edmond Safra Foundation in memory of Edmond Safra of blessed memory.

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Send a Note

Send a Note

Do you want to place a note between the Western Wall stones, but are not able to come in person? We’re here to help. Write the content of your note and we’ll make sure it is placed between the holy stones. Your privacy is meticulously kept at all times.