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Due to construction work at Beit Strauss, the Mivke will be closed.
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The Western Wall Prayer Plaza is open every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day

The Western Wall

We all know that the Western Wall, the Kotel, is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people. We know that it is the last remnant of our Temple.We also know that Jews from around the world gather here to pray.People write notes to G-d and place them between the ancient stones of the Wall.
But did you know that…
Many important events took place on Mount Moriah, know later as Temple Mount.

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We invite you to tour with us in ancient and modern Jerusalem, and get acquainted with a magical city that doesn’t stop to surprise and renew.
Experience thousands of years of history coming to life in exciting tours above and below the ground.

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Mar 20, 2017

בר מצווה לנערי עמותת מחוברים לחיים

Bar Mitzvah for the Youth Association "Connected to Life"

Bar Mitzvah boys from the "Connected to Life" Association came to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall. The "Connected to Life" Association is involved in various activities for children with special needs.


Mar 19, 2017

מסיבת סידור בכותל המערבי

Siddur Party at the Western Wall

First graders from the Sha'alvim school arrived to celebrate their siddur party at the Western Wall.

Mar 13, 2017

חג פורים בכותל המערבי

Purim at the Western Wall

Many worshipers arrived dressed up for the Purim prayer at the Western Wall.

Mar 13, 2017

ביקור נשיא בוסניה בכותל המערבי

Bosnian President visited the Western Wall

Bosnian President, Mr. Mladen Ivanić, visited the Western Wall and the Western Wall tunnels.