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Mar 06, 2018

פתח תקוה

Children from Petach Tikva come to Jerusalem


Mar 04, 2018

rakevet hakotel

New! The Western Wall Railway is free of charge for Bar Mitzvah families

Starting from Monday 18 th of Adar 5768 (5.03.2018), the Western Wall Train will operate the free transfer of Bar Mitzvah families from the Karta parking lot to the Kotel and back.
Train times:
From 08:40 until 13:30 every 20 minutes.
Pick up point at Karta - at the exit from the parking lot
Pick up point at the Western Wall - in the square at the entrance to the Western Wall
Good luck and safe travels!

Mar 02, 2018


The largest Megilat Esther in the world was read on Purim at the Western Wall - Purim 5768


Mar 01, 2018


Purim at the Western Wall

A Purim atmosphere and the reading of the Megillah at the Western Wall

Feb 27, 2018


Plaque Renewal in Rabbi Getz synagogue

A plaque was renewed to commemorate the death of the 182 people from the Six-Day War in Jerusalem . The sign that existed from the days of Rabbi Getz was renewed and hung in the same place in the synagogue of Rabbi Getz opposite the site of the Holy of Holies.

Feb 25, 2018

מסיבת סידור

First graders from the Shalhevet school at a Siddur party at the Western Wall


Feb 22, 2018


About 30 CEOs and parliamentary secretaries from around the world toured the Western Wall Tunnels


Feb 21, 2018

לוחמי אש

A course for commanders of fire fighters on a tour of the Western Wall


Feb 18, 2018

yehoram gaon

Yehoram Gaon visited the Western Wall

Yehoram Gaon visited the Western Wall with several friends. The group toured the Western Wall Tunnels and "A Look into the Past" tour - 3-D binoculars.