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Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel

Connecting to the Chain of Generations

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The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites you to celebrate your Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall in a moving ceremony and in the special atmosphere of unity and holiness, all free of charge.

All details await you here. Register early to guarantee yourselves an unforgettable experience for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

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Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall

A new tradition has begun at the Western Wall – a unique Bat Mitzvah ceremony in the women’s prayer section. Join the Jewish people’s chain of generations at a moving ceremony that creates an unforgettable experience for the entire family. This ceremony is offered at no charge. For more information and registration:
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Young Guides Program

Young Guides Program

In honor of your Bat Mitzvah, give your family a special gift – a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels or the Chain of Generations Center, led by… you!

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“The Light in the Heart”

Special for the Bat Mitzvah's family, this event is held in a beautiful hall in the Kotel Tunnels. The ceremony includes a candle lighting ceremony using antique candlesticks & an opportunity to "give light" to a Holocaust survivor.   
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Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Bat Mitzvah Preparation
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers a series of group meetings intended especially for Bat Mitzvah girls in preparation for this upcoming milestone event and move into the world of maturity. Learn about Jewish tradition as well as the responsibility and meaning involved in reaching Bat Mitzvah age. This subsidized program is available throughout the country.

Bat Mitzvah Calculator

Find your Hebrew Bat Mitzvah Date and Parasha (portion)

Question and Answers


Bat Mitzvah Ceremony in the Winter

Question: Our Bat Mitzvah ceremony is scheduled for next week, but the weather forecast predicts stormy weather. Will the ceremony be held in any case?

Answer: The short, 30-minute ceremony takes place outside on the Western Wall Plaza and in the women’s prayer section. In the event of rain, we will hold the ceremony in the women’s section under Wilson’s Arch located in the Western Wall Tunnels. The expanded, one hour ceremony in any case is held inside in one of the Western Wall Tunnels’ halls and therefore can take place in any weather.

When should the ceremony be held?

Question: When is it recommended to hold a Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall?

Answer: The ceremony can be held on any day at any time, but we recommend holding it on either Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday, days when the Western Wall area is less crowded. A twilight ceremony is especially beautiful, enveloping the event with a magical evening light.

Bat Mitzvah Necklace

Question: I would like to give my daughter a special gift for her Bat Mitzvah. What do you have to offer?

Answer: We have designed an exclusive necklace especially for girls celebrating their Bat Mitzvahs. This one-of-a-kind gift is a beautiful, silver-plated medallion in the shape of an ancient picture of the Western Wall. This is indeed a unique and meaningful memento of this special occasion.
The necklace can be purchased whether or not a ceremony is held at the Western Wall, by ordering it in advance at telephone *5958.

Number of Guests

Question: How many guests can join us at the Bat Mitzvah ceremony?

Answer: In order to maintain an intimate and special character to these ceremonies, we recommend limiting the total number of guests to 35 people.

Grandma Has Difficulty Walking

Question: We are planning a Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall for our daughter and wanted to ask whether the event is appropriate for her 80-year-old grandmother who has difficulty walking?

Answer: It should be taken into consideration that the area of the Old City in general, and the Western Wall in particular, has many steps and uneven sidewalks. We will make every effort to use as few stairs as possible but be aware that this is often unavoidable. It is advised that you have someone available to assist your grandmother in these more difficult areas.

Food at the Event

Question: We would like to offer our guests refreshments after the Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Is there an area at the Western Wall where we can do so?

Answer: At the Western section of the Western Wall Plaza (opposite the Western Wall) is a roofed area that has tables and chairs set up especially for the convenience of the public. Use of this area is on an as-available basis, but when you hold a ceremony at the Western Wall we can reserve places for your group.


Question: We will be holding a Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall next month. Where do you recommend we park our car in order to get to the Western Wall?

Answer: Directions

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For other celebrants
Bat Mitzvah Letters

Bat Mitzvah Letters

“The ceremony we held in the hall was very beautiful and we got many explanations from the guide that taught us a lot and provided a special significance to the event…”

Hirsch family 8/26/2015

“We were very moved by the Bat Mitzvah ceremony we held at the Western Wall. The guide was very nice and gracious, and made the event feel very festive and special. We left the ceremony with our hands full – with the craft project, the album of blessings, the certificate, and many good memories.”

Leshem family 8/1/2015

“Thank you for your warm welcome and for the lovely ceremony you arranged for our daughter. We are so happy that we chose to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel. It was very special and moving.”

Mendelson family 8/26/2015

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