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Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

Connecting to the Chain of Generations

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The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites you to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in a moving ceremony and in the special atmosphere of unity and holiness, all free of charge.

All details await you here. Register early to guarantee yourselves an unforgettable experience for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

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Quill of the Heart

Quill of the Heart
Experiential, Preparatory Gathering with the Bar Mitzvah Boy and His Family in One of the Western Wall Tunnel Halls before His Laying of Tefillin and Being Called up to the Torah
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Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

For decades, thousands of families from Israel and around the world have celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall. Each week, the Western Wall Plaza fills with joyous and emotional families who have arrived to commemorate this special milestone in their sons' lives.
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Bar Mitzvah Event Production

Come to your bar mitzvah at the Kotel knowing that everything is professionally planned so that the bar mitzvah boy, parents, family, and friends can enjoy an experience enveloped in holiness, a ceremony celebrating spiritual maturity. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation’s professional staff will accompany you from the moment you decide to celebrate at the Kotel and throughout the event.
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Bar Mitzvah Calculator

Bar Mitzvah Calculator
Find your Hebrew Bar Mitzvah date and Parasha (portion)
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Questions And Answers


How does one reserve a date to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah? Is there a specific date on which it should be celebrated?

 Q: How does one reserve a date to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah? Is there a specific date on which it should be celebrated?

 A: The Bar Mitzvah is the Hebrew date of the boy’s 13th birthday. The ceremony, including his being called up to the Torah can take place on Monday or Thursday or on Rosh Chodesh (the first day of the Hebrew month), days when the Torah is read during morning services. The ceremony should be held as close to the birthday as possible. It can be observed on or after the Hebrew birthday, and only in specific and rare occasions up to a month before.

On which days and at what hours can the ceremony be held at the Western Wall?

Q: On which days and at what hours can the ceremony be held at the Western Wall?

A: Bar Mitzvahs are held on days when the Torah is read, i.e., Mondays and Thursdays or on Rosh Chodesh (the first day of the Hebrew month). On these days ceremonies are held between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

What happens if it rains on the day of the ceremony?

Q:  What happens if it rains on the day of the ceremony?

A:  On rainy days, the ceremony is held inside the area called Wilson’s Arch, to the left of the men’s prayer area. This is an inside area that includes a raised women’s section, separated by glass. The women can hear the prayers by using earphones loaned to them by the hostess stationed in the women’s section.

What happens when we arrive at the Western Wall? Where do we meet the guide?

Q:  What happens when we arrive at the Western Wall? Where do we meet the guide?

A: The Bar Mitzvah ceremony’s stand is located immediately after the security check gate adjacent to Dung Gate. Two National Service volunteers are there whose job it is to introduce your group to the guide who will accompany you throughout the ceremony.

Can we photograph and video at the Western Wall?

Q:  Can we photograph and video at the Western Wall?

A: Yes, videos and photographs can be taken at the Western Wall. There is also the option for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to photograph the Bar Mitzvah boy and to upload his picture onto our website, with the family’s approval, of course.

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Connecting to the Chain

1 hour

Join us on a magical tour for 4th-6th graders and their parents, and learn about the Jewish people's chain of generations in Jerusalem. The tour focuses on major events in the city's rich history, as they relate to the connection between generations,  and is designed to deepen the personal bond with Jerusalem
Jerusalem of Gold

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"Mountain air clear as wine, and the smell of pine.." Join us for a unique tour emphasizing the harmony between songs & melodies of Jerusalem and the city's famed beauty.

On the Wall I Stand

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A captivating tour for families who love modern history and military heritage, introduces us to the heroic stories of the children and youth in the journey leading to the foundation of the State of Israel and during our nation's first years.
Family Makes History

1 hour

Celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Love some mystery and suspense? Experience a family tour behind the scenes of the Western Wall. Visit exciting, newly uncovered excavations that hold secrets from Jerusalem's past.

Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters

Thank you to the entire staff who accompanied us and helped us reach our emotional, exciting day.

The Brody family 8/26/2015

Thank you to the staff of your call center who answered any and every question that came up, with care and patience.

The Chait family 12/9/2014

We would like to thank the staff of The Western Wall Heritage Foundation, who arranged all the details of our ceremony and treated us as though we were the most important people there.

The Garber family 6/18/2015

Please accept our love and appreciation-we started out with many reservations, which quickly disappeared as soon as we met our Kotel guide.

The Hirsch family 8/26/2015

We would like to thank you very much for the meaningful session and writing activity with the Sofer. Thank you for your pleasant and exciting guidance. The whole experience was successful beyond our expectations.

The Leshem family 8/1/2015

We were very moved by the caring, support and willingness to help-we were taken care of from the first phone call 'til the day of the Torah reading. Our guides at the Sofer writing activity and at the Kotel ceremony were with us all the way.

The Mendelson family 8/26/2015

We'd like to thank our guide-it was very important to my wife to be able to see our son during the Bar Mitzvah. He made sure to arrange the ceremony near the mechitza (partition) in such a way that the women were also able to see and hear. It was perfect.

The Newman family 8/8/2015

It is because of your guide that we had such a beautiful, emotional ceremony-something we will never forget. We'd like to thank you very much for this wonderful, meaningful experience.

The Ohayon family 8/26/2015

Thank you for all your cooperation and friendly guidance. We will recommend you highly to everyone as often as we can.

The Rubin family 1/14/2016

We felt the good will and caring attitude from each of you, at every moment. This affected us very much- it was really heartwarming.

The Wieder family 8/26/2015

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