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 Due to construction work at Beit Strauss, the mivke will be closed.
Please follow visitor information for a notice on reopening.
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Important notice

Entrance to the Old City from Jaffa Gate will be closed to traffic from
8 p.m.- midnight on the following dates: May 25-June 2 (17th Iyar-25th Iyar)  

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Jerusalem, Israel

Orginized Tours

Orginized Tours

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Opening Hours

The Western Wall Prayer Plaza is open every day of the year, twenty four hours a day


Thu 18th of Iyar 5776, 5.26.2016
Lag B'Omer
5:37 AM
Mid day:
12:36 PM
7:41 PM
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Interesting Facts

The Kotel store will be open soon

Kotel Sites

The Western Wall Plaza is home to some of the most interesting historical tourist sites in the world, which offer a unique perspective on the genealogy of the Jewish people and the history of Jerusalem. We invite you to visit the sites and enjoy an empowering and unforgettable experience.

28th Iyar 5776


Yom Yerushalayim-Jerusalem Day

"The Divine Presence Never Departs From the Western Wall" Flag Dance & Parade in memory of Rav Yehuda Chazani (OBM) 

Jerusalem Day 5776

On Sunday, the 28th of Iyar we will we will go up to Jerusalem on this joyous holiday-we will march with flags and singing to the Kotel and be unified with Jerusalem, forever.

7:45 p.m.
Central meeting point at the Kotel Plaza

Scheduled to Attend:
Chief Rabbi of Israel, the Honorable David Lau, Shlita
Rabbi of the Kotel and Holy Places, the Honorable Shmuel Rabinowitz, Shlita
MK Naftali Bennet, MK Uri Ariel, MK Gilad Erdan, Deputy Mayor Ms. Chagit Moshe, City Council member Mr. Moshe Lion, Head of Religious Education Dr. Avraham Lifshitz, Rabbis, and public figures
Lahava Orchestra, Chaim David Sarachick, Chezki Sofer

Meeting time: 4:00 p.m.
Men: Heichal Shlomo plaza
Women: Betzalel street next to Gan Sacher

Dancing: 5:15 p.m.
Men: Opposite Heichal Shlomo: Shir Chadash, Kinor David
Women: Opposite Yeshurun Synagogue: Ayelet HaShachar, Pirchei Yerushalayim, Lev Tahor

Continuation of Dancing and March to the Kotel: 6:30 p.m.
Via the gates of the Old City
Executive producer: Ishai Horwitz

18th Iyar 5776

טקס השבעה בא"ח נח"ל

Swearing In Ceremony of Nahal Unit

A swearing-in ceremony of the Nahal Unit will take place on Thursday, 18th of Iyar 5776, at 8:00 p.m. at the Kotel

17th Iyar 5776

טקס של פלוגת מרווה

Marva Battalion Ceremony

The Ceremony for the Marva battalion took place on Wednesday, the 17th of Iyar 5776 (25th May 2016), at the Kotel  
טקס של פלוגת מרווה - הענקת דיסקית , התקיים ביום רביעי י"ז אייר תשע"ו 25.05.16, בכותל המערבי.

17th Iyar 5776

קאמאל טאפה  סגן ראש קאמאל טאפה

Kamal Thapa Visits the Western Wall

Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamal Thapa visited the Western Wall during his recent trip to Jerusalem