The Western Wall Heritage Fund

Access to the Western Wall on Lag Ba'Omer 2009

The Jerusalem Police Force and the Israel Security Agency announced that they have accepted the request made by the rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, that the Western Wall Plaza will be open on the day of Lag Ba'Omer, May 12th 2009, while Pope Benedict the 16th is visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The request will be honored despite the security difficulties that accompany this decision and the need for extra man power for this assignment.
The new decision provides for regular prayer services to be held at night. Beginning with sunrise, worshipers will be directed to the prayer hall at Wilson's arch and to the Western Wall Tunnels.

Entry will be permitted via the Dung Gate from the south and Ha'Guy Street from the north of the Western Wall Plaza until the time of the Pope's visit at 9:45, with no restrictions what so ever on the worshipers.
During the visit itself, the worshipers will be redirected to enter the Western Wall Plaza only from Ha'Guy Street in the north.

Additional deliberations will take place this week, in light of the request of Rabbi Rabinowitz and of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, to ease the access to the Western Wall for the regular early morning worshipers, and concerning other changes that need to be made, in their opinion, for the benefit of the worshipers, without compromising the security arrangements.

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