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Response of the Rabbi of the Western Wall to the Women of the Wall’s Provocative Act

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites, expressed sorrow about the provocative act made by the group of Women of the Wall who arrived at the Western Wall against the High Court’s decision and offended many prayer goers.
 expressed sorrow about the provacation Thursday called on the Israeli public to “condemn and remove from their midst” the Women of the Wall group, whom he said had but one purpose - “to fan the flames of hatred and divisiveness among Jews.”

In his statement, Rabbi Rabinowitz said that, as in the past, the fact that the group “came to the Kotel despite the compromise that Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky attempted to promote shows that their entire purpose is to sow dissent and to injure the feelings of other Jews, while further dividing the Jewish nation and turning the Kotel into a battlefield for fanatics on both sides.

“Instead of seeing the Kotel as 'holy land,' they look at it as land to fight over, and are acting out in all meanings of the word,” Rabinowitz's statement said. “We must all condemn this activity and uproot it from among us. We must find the things that we have in common, not concentrate on those that divide us,” he added.

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