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About The Kotel Siddur

The Kotel Siddur captures some of the most intriguing aspects of Friday night at the Western Wall.

At the Western Wall, or the Kotel, the Jewish ritual of welcoming the Sabbath with the recitation of special prayers, Kabbalat Shabbat, is an extraordinary Jerusalem event. With sundown, the Western Wall becomes a place of "all tribes of Israel together" Jews from all backgrounds and ages pray side by side in brotherhood and friendship.

The significant rise in visitors to the Western Wall, especially from abroad, has brought the Western Wall Heritage Foundation to a new way of thinking about ways and devices that would help these visitors "feel at home" while visiting the Western Wall.

As a result, The Kotel Siddur: Prayer Book for Friday Nights and Festivals has been published by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation for the hundreds of young men and women who arrive at the Western Wall Plaza for the Friday night prayers. Complete with translations to English, transliteration, and clear explanations, its thought-provoking insights on each prayer allow people to participate and understand the content and meaning of their words.

This Siddur is based on Nussach Ha-Ari (Sephard) as set forth by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, with special inserts for Nussach Ashkenaz.

The Kotel Siddur was donated by Martin and Melanie Glatt, leaders of the Johannesburg, South Africa Jewish community. It was edited by Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem and was designed, typeset, and published by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein of The Jewish Learning Group.

Cover photograph: Werner Braun, Jerusalem
Jacket design: Ben Gasner Studios.

Copies of The Kotel Siddur are currently available for public use at the Western Wall Plaza on Friday nights. Organized groups who would like to reserve copies in advance to ensure there are enough for their group can do so here.

For more information, please call
Liat Mahler, Siddur Project Coordinator
From outside Israel: 972-52-666-1301

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